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2019 Lynx 2000 ES

2019 Lynx 2000 ES
2019 Lynx 2000 ES
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Product Description

2019 Lynx 2000 ES

ACT Diamond Direct Drive with Arctic Cat Clutches

The ride-proven ACT™ Diamond Direct Drive™ planetary gearcase produces efficient transfer of power from engine to track, delivering a smooth ride. The Arctic Cat® clutch system engages at lower RPMs without sacrificing top speed.

AWS VII Front Suspension with Hydraulic Twin Tube Shocks

Arctic Cat’s legendary AWS™ VII front suspension utilizes strong, durable A-arms, providing great handling and cornering. Hydraulic twin tube shocks smooth out the chatter, mile after mile, for an even more comfortable ride.

SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension with Arctic Cat Hydraulic Twin Tube Shocks

The SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension™ brings race-day technology to everyday riding. Our U-shaped slot fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement. The free-acting front arm follows the terrain, keeping your skis firmly planted over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration. Arctic Cat® hydraulic twin tube shocks smooth out the chatter, mile after mile, for an even more comfortable ride.

Digital Analog Gauge

Choose between digital and analog speed and tachometer readouts. There’s also an odometer, two trip meters, engine hour meter, reverse indicator and warning lights.


Just a push of a button allows you to go from forward to reverse and back again smoothly, quickly and easily.

129-in. Challenger Track with 1-in. Lugs

The 129″ Challenger track is made for performance touring. The 1″ lugs offer you the traction you need on the trail, and are optimal for both cruising speeds and opening up the throttle as you explore the hard-packed wilderness.

ProCross - 6 Skis

This trail ski’s 6″ width delivers excellent handling on hardpack snow and good flotation in loose snow. A stiff, deep keel provides positive cornering in all conditions.

10" Mid-Height Windshield

The perfect mix of protection and comfort, keeping any spray from slowing you down when the going gets really fast.

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