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2019 Norseman 3000 ES

2019 Norseman 3000 ES
2019 Norseman 3000 ES
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Product Description

2019 Norseman 3000 ES

3000 C-TEC4 Engine

The 700cc, 4-Stroke EFI engine combines sufficient power with clean technology and incredible fuel efficiency, earning itself a place in the Arctic Cat® engine lineup. It’s compact. It’s lightweight. And thanks to electronic fuel injection, throttle response is immediate. Work or play, this 4-Stroke is raising eyebrows across the snowbelt.

Arctic Race Front Suspension

ARS (Arctic Race Suspension) combines tall ski spindles and widely spaced A-arms for the greatest torsional rigidity and strength. The lower A-arms mount to the chassis at an angle from the chassis centerline, with optimal caster/camber angles to improve comfort and cornering traction while reducing bump/steer. The one-piece spindle construction with balljoints eliminates the added weight and stiction of spindle-in-housing designs.

XTRA-ACTION Rear Suspension

This articulating system allows the rear of the suspension to move up and down as you ride across rougher snow, making your machine more maneuverable and more versatile. Backing up in the unlocked position allows the rear of the frame to lever up, rather than dig into the snow. For more traction, just lock the skid and you’ll have a straight-rail suspension that takes full advantage of the track.

Power Sport Gauge

All the information. All at your fingertips. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, clock, fuel level indicator, reverse and warning lights, keeping you in tune with your machine.


For towing, touring, grooming or patrolling the ski slopes, the 15” wide track, with patented Quiet Track technology, gets the job done. The hardworking articulating rear suspension benefits from a long 154″ track featuring 1.6″ lugs and a 2.86″ pitch.

ProUte - 10/8 Skis

10″ at their widest, tapering to 8″. The tipped-up design allows you to run on deep snow without trenching. Whether you’re working or touring, these skis provide effortless stability on and off the trail.

14" High-Height Windshield

Designed to deflect wind and provide optimal sight lines so you can explore the snowy landscape.

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