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2019 Norseman X 6000

2019 Norseman X 6000
2019 Norseman X 6000
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Product Description

2019 Norseman X 6000

6000 C-TEC2 Engine with DSI

This 599cc 2-stroke DSI is the unmodified version of the engine thatís been launching Team Arctic down the racetrack since 2012. This quick-revving, 125-class horsepower C-TEC2ô power mill is the product of a world-class engine assembly plant ó ours. Whether youíre riding a ZRģ an M or a Crossover, the 6000 is one of the most satisfying engines found in a snowmobile.

Next-Gen Body Panels

Arctic Catís Next-Gen body panels are designed to seamlessly cut through the air with as little atmospheric tension as possible. With only a quarter-turn of the two quick-release tabs, the side panel comes off and provides easy access to the engine compartment for general maintenance


The Arctic Drive System features CVT drive and driven clutches for a combination of smooth shifting, optimal performance, maximum durability; great serviceability; and reduced weight. The new drive clutch features a roller bearing on the shaft that enables an auto-adjusting belt tension design and delivers consistent performance without manual adjustments. It also features a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at drive-away speed, with more evenly distributed force for lower belt pressure. Itís a design thatís unique to Arctic Cat.

Deluxe Digital Gauge

This dual configurable LCD screen gauge allows to you check all the vital information about your snowmobile and more. 14 different readings to be exact. Thereís an odometer, speedometer, max RPM, 2 trip meters, engine hours, low oil light, coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, intake air temperature, battery voltage, fuel level, clock, reverse indicator, hand warmer and thumb warmer.

Rear Rack

Made of strong, lightweight aluminum, our rear rack gives you the room you need for that extra bag.

Rear Bag Storage

No matter if you are on the job or on the trail, convenient, out-of-the-way storage is a helpful thing to have. The rear storage bag on the Norseman give you all that and more with its heavy-duty construction.

153-in. Power Claw Track with 2.25-in. Lugs

This lightweight, 153-in. single-ply track sets the standard for deep snow performance. Stagger-set, curved-forward paddle towers wonít fold over. 2.25-in. lug height lets you go deep with confidence.

12V Outlet

Need to charge your phone or another electrical device? Weíve got you covered. Just plug in and power up while you ride.

ProUte - 10/8 Skis

10″ at their widest, tapering to 8″. The tipped-up design allows you to run on deep snow without trenching. Whether youíre working or touring, these skis provide effortless stability on and off the trail.

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