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2019 Norseman X 8000

2019 Norseman X 8000
2019 Norseman X 8000
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Product Description

2019 Norseman X 8000

8000 C-TEC2 Engine with DSI

The 8000 efficient, responsive and fresh out of St. Cloud, Minnesota. This 2-stroke engine features noticeably faster throttle response and acceleration compared with our previous 8000, plus up to 30% reduction in oil consumption below 7000 rpm, 36% increase in low-end torque and 18% increase in midrange torque. Delivering a rare combination of increased power, reduced emissions and ultra-low oil consumption, the overall crispness sets new standards for performance and rideability in the 160-HP class.

Next-Gen Body Panels

Arctic Cats Next-Gen body panels are designed to seamlessly cut through the air with as little atmospheric tension as possible. With only a quarter-turn of the two quick-release tabs, the side panel comes off and provides easy access to the engine compartment for general maintenance.


The Arctic Drive System features CVT drive and driven clutches for a combination of smooth shifting, optimal performance, maximum durability; great serviceability; and reduced weight. The new drive clutch features a roller bearing on the shaft that enables an auto-adjusting belt tension design and delivers consistent performance without manual adjustments. It also features a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at drive-away speed, with more evenly distributed force for lower belt pressure. Its a design thats unique to Arctic Cat.

153-in. Power Claw Track with 2.25-in. Lugs

This lightweight, 153-in. single-ply track sets the standard for deep snow performance. Stagger-set, curved-forward paddle towers wont fold over. 2.25-in. lug height lets you go deep with confidence.

ProUte - 10/8 Skis

10 at their widest, tapering to 8. The tipped-up design allows you to run on deep snow without trenching. Whether youre working or touring, these skis provide effortless stability on and off the trail.

14" High-Height Windshield

Designed to deflect wind and provide optimal sight lines so you can explore the snowy landscape.

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