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2019 XF 9000 High Country Limited (153)

2019 XF 9000 High Country Limited (153)
2019 XF 9000 High Country Limited (153)
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Product Description

2019 XF 9000 High Country Limited (153)

Next-Gen Body Panels

Arctic Catís Next-Gen body panels are designed to seamlessly cut through the air with as little atmospheric tension as possible. With only a quarter-turn of the two quick-release tabs, the side panel comes off and provides easy access to the engine compartment for general maintenance.

9000 C-TEC4 Turbocharged Engine

This 200-class HP Turbo Triple 4-stroke engine packs seamless power delivery in order to give you better handling, more ride control and immediate throttle response. Response like this can only come from an innovative compact exhaust manifold that transfers energy with unprecedented efficiency and immediacy. The power-to-weight ratio is untouchable. No other mass-produced snowmobile engine can match this beastís output.


The Arctic Drive System features CVT drive and driven clutches for a combination of smooth shifting, optimal performance, maximum durability; great serviceability; and reduced weight. The new drive clutch features a roller bearing on the shaft that enables an auto-adjusting belt tension design and delivers consistent performance without manual adjustments. It also features a 12.5 percent lower effective starting ratio (while maintaining the top ratio) for smoother engagement and reduced belt wear at drive-away speed, with more evenly distributed force for lower belt pressure. Itís a design thatís unique to Arctic Cat.

Arctic Mountain Front Suspension with FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Shocks

The Arctic Mountain front suspension packs the essentials. The ProClimb Ė 7 mountain ski is 7″ at the tip, tapering to 6.5″ at the center to enhance your carving. Single-post, angled-out spindles help you shed some sled weight while maximizing quality and strength. FOXģ 1.5 ZERO QS3 ski and skid frame shocks feature three-position dial compression adjustability for quick and easy tuning for riding style and conditions. They are rebound adjustable and feature remote reservoir architecture for fade-free performance.

FLOAT-ACTION Rear Suspension with FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Shocks

The FLOAT-ACTION Rear Suspension features lightweight rails for optimal suspension travel and better ride quality in all conditions. The FLOAT-ACTION suspension incorporates mountain-specific geometry, delivering consistent track tension. The FOXģ 1.5 ZERO QS3 shocks are engineered as a lightweight design with simplified adjustments and improved resistance to bottoming out.

Adjustable Handlebar with 5.5-in. Riser and Grab Strap

Our easily adjustable handlebar allows you to set the perfect position for riding comfort. For the ultimate handling and control, a handy grab strap is included to help you shift your weight.

Goggle Holder

Warm, dry goggles are as near as our goggle holder. The heat from the engine dries your goggles as you ride. Also works for masks and gloves.

153-in. Power Claw track with 2.25-in. lugs

Power Claw Track

The one that sets the standard for deep snow performance. This 15″ x 153″ x 2.25″ track features stagger-set, curved-forward paddle towers that wonít fold over or take a set, plus Attack 20 paddles for superior deep snow floatation.

LED w/ accent light

Features LED headlights for enhanced lighting performance. Want the high beams on? The low beam will also stay on to give you a nice, wide light pattern with excellent distance. Plus, special LED accent lighting comes on when you turn the key.

ProClimb - 7 G2 Skis

The all-new 2019 ProClimb Ė 7 G2 Skis feature a new shape that delivers improved flotation with a slightly less aggressive keel shape for easier steering and more consistent performance in varying snow conditions. Molded-in foot traction on the top of the skis adds boot traction and usability for experienced riders. The new G2 skis work in concert with the AMS spindles to deliver a new level of deep-snow performance and adjustability, incorporating a tapered width, from 7 inches at the tip to 6.5 inches in the middle, which works with a unique rubber dampener to keep the ski tips up and floating on top of the snow while preventing diving or knifing. A wide ski saddle accommodates a full 2 inches of lateral ski stance adjustability.

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