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Bobcat Predator Pro LP The Predator-Pro™ LP runs on a liquid-withdrawal propane system to allow a full day of work without having to stop for refueling. More than 50% less ozone forming emissions.

Bobcat Predator Pro LP
Bobcat Predator Pro LP
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Product Description

The Predator-Pro™ LP runs on a liquid-withdrawal propane system to allow a full day of work without having to stop for refueling. More than 50% less ozone forming emissions.

BOB-CAT® Predator-Pro™ LP zero-turn commercial riding mowers are the green choice for commercial lawn care. The Predator-Pro™ LP maintains all of the comfort and productivity benefits of the BOB-CAT® Predator-Pro™ while featuring the added bonus of cutting ozone forming emissions by greater than 50 percent over gasoline burning engines. This remarkable propane mower helps keep your environment cleaner while you keep it beautiful.

Green and Clean with Pure Performance

The most efficient liquid propane fueled zero-turn on the market! These alternative fuel BOB-CAT® mowers are powered by propane engines which cut ozone forming emissions by greater than 50% when compared to gasoline burning engines. We're leading the way to increased environmental responsibility with BOB-CAT® propane-powered zero-turn riding mowers. Propane has emerged as a leading source of alternative fuel power. Propane cuts ozone forming emissions and helps you reduce your carbon footprint. In addition to the environmental benefits, the innovative Predator-Pro™ LP may help landscape professionals increase profits by increasing opportunities for mowing contracts with environmental friendly stipulations. Propane also typically costs less than gas. A mower that makes you money while saving you money—now that is a value! Plus, in a growing number of states there are tax incentives and rebates available for propane-powered mowers.

Liquid-Feed Propane Delivery

Other propane-powered mowers have less efficient propane-powered engines that were converted from gasoline engines, resulting in inefficiencies and power loss. BOB-CAT® uses a more efficient engine design for propane with a Liquid Withdrawal System. This insures a more efficient delivery system which is necessary to provide the required power and performance. No-nonsense design utilizes two standard 33.5 lb. LP tanks, commonly used on forklifts. These propane tanks provide all-day fuel capacity so there is no need to buy multiple sets of special tanks or worry about where to refill. Your local propane supplier can provide regular exchange and hassle-free fuel service. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase tanks direct from your BOB-CAT® dealer and fill through your local propane supplier.

Superior Ride Comfort

Landscape professionals know the importance of a comfortable ride. The ISO-Ride™ comfort system prevents bottom- and top-outs, and keeps operators fresh and productive over the longest days. Predator-Pro™ LP sports a custom operator zone that adjusts easily for a comfortable ride. The custom operator zone also provides maximum control with minimal effort.

Extreme Discharge System with DuraDeck™ Sets the Standard

Setting the standard for discharge design, the Extreme Discharge system allows you to produce a world-class cut on all types of turf. Providing improved clipping dispersal and preventing scalping and damage to turf, the DuraDeck™ helps you take charge and get the job done right. Equipped with a new resilient molded rubber discharge chute for improved clipping dispersal, BOB-CAT® keeps you moving forward.

The wider opening and standard Eliminator blades on our NEW 61" rear discharge DuraDeck leaves behind a great finish. Keeps clippings, dirt and debris behind you… where it belongs. Lets you trim on both sides without having to worry about where the discharge is going. This rear discharge mower helps reduces clean-up time and gives you a great cut without compromise.

Easy Access Maintenance

Maintenance is easier when you combine durable construction and the new easy-access design on the Predator-Pro™ LP powered zero turn mower. Expedite routine maintenance with easy-access to the mower deck, hydraulic reservoir and filter. Never miss important service milestones with the convenient control panel now equipped with an hour meter for maintenance service reminders for the engine oil and filter, engine air filters, and hydraulic oil and filter.

Peak Productivity

The Predator-Pro™ LP propane-powered zero turn mower allows you to maximize productivity with deck sizes up to 72-inches. This commercial mower is powered by an impressive Generac® Industrial OHVI engine. Two standard liquid-feed 33.5 pound forklift tanks provide all-day fuel capacity to maximize productivity. Tanks are optional with purchase or may be easily rotated with your local liquid propane supplier.

Peace of Mind with Industry Best Warranties ◾ Customer choice of a 2-year / 2,000 hour or a 5-year / 500 hour limited warranty. ◾ Lifetime Warranty on the deck, deck cradle, and engine deck.

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