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Flame Genie FG-16

Flame Genie FG-16
Flame Genie FG-16
Item# FG-16
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Product Description

Flame Genie FG-16 Enjoy a unique fire pit experience without the smoke, sparks and cleanup hassles. The Flame Genie produces maximum enjoyable flame utilizing a gravitational afterburner system which also minimizes smoke. The delightful flame pattern can be enjoyed for hours. Flame Genie burns clean and easy to handle wood pellets, producing minimal ash and requires little cleanup.

-Smoke in your eyes is usually not a problem with these

-Easy to clean: they burn clean, but if there is any ash left just dump it

- Easy Storage and Transport: Lift the top off and it fits in-side itself

-Economical: wood pellets cost less than firewood at campground, you can buy a 40# bag usually for about $5 and is good for several campfires....a $5 bundle of firewood is not.

-Practical: wood pellets and Flame Genie are easy to travel with

-Wood pellets burn cleaner, hotter, and are easy to store and handle

-Burn with different flavors/smells: Hickory, oak, apple, mesquite etc etc.

-Easy to light and burns for hours just like firewood, but cleaner and with less ash and smoke.

-Great for Campfire cooking and roasting marshmallows

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