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American Harvest 6041HF Multi-fuel Stove

HF6041 USSC Multi-fuel stove
HF6041 USSC Multi-fuel stove
Item# hf6041-ussc-multifuel-s6041

Product Description

New agitator design to help burn non premium fuel and high clinker fuels. Now features easy light igniter system. New Sure Feed Auger System improves performance and safety.This is a multi-fuel stove that will burn corn and pellets and can be easily adapted to burn other fuels, such as soy beans, olive pits, cherry pits, bio mass fuel grains, and processed silage. Heat Capacity 1000 -2000 sq. ft. with 52,300 BTUs/hr. 60 lbs. hopper capacity. With ash pan. Delivery within continental United States Only, some limitations do apply. Please call with any questions.

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