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Flavored Barbecue Pellets. 40# Bags.

LumberJack Barbecue Pellets 40lbs bags
LumberJack Barbecue Pellets 40lbs bags
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$24.50, 5/$110.00, 10/$200.00, 50/$750.00

Product Description

A wood BBQ pellet is a small, 1 inch long, 7/32 inch diameter piece of hardwood. Because of their small size, wood pellets burn cleanly and quickly to a fine ash. Wood pellets burn at about 8,500 BTUs per pound. Wood pellets come in a wide variety of “flavors” ranging from hickory and oak to cherry, apple or maple. The pellets in a normal pellet grill are fed from a storage hopper to a burning box at a controlled rate. This rate is adjustable based on whether you want a high temperature for grilling or a low temperature for smoking.

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