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Pork King PK 2-1

Pork King PK 2-1
Pork King PK 2-1
Item# 16458

Product Description

The Pork King 2-1 is a single sided, heated, two trough design. Manufactured from 304 stainless steel to withstand the rugged nature of a pen full of swine. Use in a single pen. Ideal for up to 80 hogs.

The Ritchie Pork King is designed to withstand the rugged nature of a pen full of swine. Built entirely of 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and long life, our Pork King fountains are also equipped with thermostatically controlled electric heat and the industry’s most reliable fast refill valve. The Pork King 2-1 provides two troughs on the same side and features flip lids to prevent debris from entering the trough. Easily maintain your Pork King 2-1 waterer by removing the large top cover for access to the valve and float.

•Insulated all over for heat retention

•Umbrella-style lift-out cover keeps foreign material out

•Fully welded casing construction

•Heavy lids take the abuse of banging

•Float won't collect algae or calcium

•Excellent hat coverage provided with adjustable disc thermostat

•Pork King series come complete and ready to attach to your water and electric lines.

•10 year warranty

Part No.16458

Length 23.2in/58.93cm Width23.3in/59.18cm

Overall Height 12.5in/31.75cm

Shipping Weight 50lb/22.68kg

Drinking Height 7in/17.78cm

Heat 298W

Capacity 2gal/7.57L

Herd Capacity 80 swine

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