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Sukup Safety Home

Sukup Safety Home
Sukup Safety Home
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Product Description

Sukup Safe T Homes are patented engineered structures that are suitable for all phases of recovery effort. They are quick and easy to construct, making them ideal for emergency situations. The all-steel construction makes the Sukup Safe T Home® perfect for longer-term use, since they are weather-proof, fire-proof, and termite-proof. They are also movable, making them well-suited to transitional shelter needs. The round shape of the Safe T Home® allows the unit to withstand high winds. They are also virtually earthquake-proof.

Sidewall sheets are made of 20 gauge corrugated galvanized steel. The galvanization makes the exterior maintenance-free and the units have a 70- year life span. Sidewalls are 8' high and the overall structure stands 13.5' from floor to roof peak.

Each Safe T Home® is 18' in diameter and has 254 ft2 of usable interior space. Lofts also come standard in every Safe T Home® to provide additional room. Multiple units can be grouped together to create multi-room structures.

Safe T Homes have water collection potential. Rainwater is captured by the louvers in the heat shield. This water, along with any water that condenses between the shield and the roof, can be collected in receptacles (not provided) fastened to the eave.

Sukup Safe T Homes feature a full-size, lockable, steel door. Windows have lockable exterior doors with 16 gauge perforated steel interior screens that allow ventilation while still providing security.

The roof of the Safe T Home® was specifically designed to allow ventilation and prevent overheating of the interior area. The cupola allows ventilation and is made of high-strength, perforated galvanized steel. The continuous eave vent keeps rainwater from entering the structure while allowing constant ventilation, regardless of wind direction. The louvered outer roof provides constant shade for the primary roof decking, creating a barrier to prevent overheating of the interior of the unit. Louvers in the outer roof allow the hot air to escape, while allowing rain water in for collection at the eave.

There are three different anchoring options for the Safe T Home®. The structures can be secured to non-penetrable surfaces using the ballast boxes, which are standard on every Safe T Home®. Ballast boxes can be filled with whatever material is available on site (brick, rock, gravel, dirt, etc.). They can also be anchored to a concrete slab or secured to ground using soil penetrating anchors.

The Sukup Safe T Home® is equipped with an interior loft. The loft adds 50% more square footage to the entire Safe T Home® and can hold up to 1,200 lbs. evenly distributed. Space between the base angle and loft bottom measures 7' (84"). The loft is easy to install with no holes to drill.

Hand tools come standard for humanitarian efforts (501(c)(3)) and are optional on for-profit orders. • 10 units fit in a standard shipping container. • No special equipment is needed to transport a Safe T Home®. • Solar panel with light attachment is optional. • Ballast Boxes can also be used as garden boxes for flowers or plants. • Scaffolding and 6 ft. step ladder helpful to erect (not included).

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