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Wood Pellets: Black Hills Gold, Heartland, & Pur Heat

Wood Pellets: Black Hills Gold, Heartland & Pur Heat
Wood Pellets: Heartland, Black Hills Gold, & Pur Heat Wood Pellets. We stock quality brands including premium, super premium, and Ultra premium wood pellets. We carry both softwood and hardwood pellets.

Why Wood Pellets

Choose Wood Pellets Because...

•Reduces dependence on oil, natural gas and coal, and foreign countries

•Renewable source of energy

•Burn longer and stronger than other solid biomass fuels (8,000 BTUs per lb)

•Better for the environment than fossil fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal

•Burn cleaner, hotter, and more efficiently than firewood (pellet stoves are 80-90% efficient)

•Easier to store than firewood—1 ton can fit in a 4’ x 4’ space

•Less expensive than fossil fuels

•Tax credits for switching to a wood pellet stove are available

•Pellet stoves are easier to clean than traditional wood stoves

Wood pellets burn cleaner, are more convenient, and easier to store than firewood. They produce significantly less ash and particulate waste than firewood, and a ton of wood fuel pellets can easily be stored in a 4’ x 4’ space.

Heartland Premium Wood Pellets 60bags/skid or 2400#s
Regular price: $305.00
Sale price: $293.40
Black Hills Gold Ultra Premium Wood Pellets
Regular price: $325.00
Sale price: $300.00
Pur Heat Wood Pellets
Regular price: $215.00
Sale price: $205.50
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