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1269E Cast Iron Wood Stove

1269E Cast Iron Wood Stove
1269E Cast Iron Wood Stove
Item# 1269

Product Description

Bring a clean burning stove with rustic elegance to your home, with the 1269 Logwood wood stove from United States Stove Company. This is a rustic, heavy duty, cast iron constructed wood stove. It is ideal for any rugged outdoorsman: those with nostalgic taste, or someone looking for a reliable and cost efficient way to heat. It is perfect for log cabins, large garages, and shops. It has a long life expectancy and is easy to use.

Up to 54,000 BTUs
Heats up to 900 sq. ft.
23" Log Length
Two-Piece Safety Handle

Depth: 33"
Width: 18.5"
Height: 25.75"
Flue Collar: 6"
Weight: 120lbs

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