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3200 GT
3200 GT
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Product Description

3200 GT

GENTLE, HIGH-QUALITY RAKING Long, flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and placing it neatly into the windrow. This raking action allows the hay to be raked damp and dry down completely in the windrow. For crops such as alfalfa, this gentle handling is especially important as it ensures the leaves will remain intact. This superior windrow formation allows for more efficient harvesting since the crop is not roped as compared to other rakes.

EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE AND LOW MAINTENANCE The exclusive Masterdrive® gearbox sets the bar for reliability and long life. The patented double reduction design provides the versatility to handle a wide range of crops and high volumes. The result is outstanding performance even in the most challenging conditions.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY Saving time means reduced production costs. KUHN rotary rakes provide fast, efficient operation while maintaining high-quality raking to maximize the nutrient value of your forage.

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