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Sales: Seed, Liquid and Dry Fertilizer, and Chemicals

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Product Description

Agronomy Sales - Arcadia,WI

An experienced sales person is needed to sell a full line up of seed, chemical, and fertilizer products in Trempealeau and Buffalo County.

This opportunity is focused on creating and maintaining relationships, tailoring programs to meet customer needs, and assisting with customer service while completing and maintaining sales contracts.

The ideal candidate will have at least two years experience in agronomy sales, preferably with an Associate's or Bachelor's degree in Agronomy.

Salary range will be $37,000-$60,000 depending on experience plus bonus, vehicle, and a benefit package.

Apply at:

D&D Farm Supply, Inc

1310 East Main Street

Arcadia, WI 54612


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Please call us with any questions at 608-323-7001 (Arcadia) or 1-800-657-6955 (tri-state area only)