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BULLETPROOF® Dry Granular Forage Treatment

BULLETPROOF® Dry Granular Forage Treatment
BULLETPROOF® Dry Granular Forage Treatment
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Product Description


BULLETPROOF® Forage Preservative enhances fermentation of forages and aids in the preservation of dry hays and high moisture grain crops. The combination of anti-oxidants, enzymes and water soluble carbohydrates enhances fermentation and reduces dry matter losses due to undesirable yeast and mold growth.

About the Product

Product Mode of Action: Each ingredient in BULLETPROOF Forage Preservative enhances fermentation. Sulfur containing anti-oxidants limit the growth of undesirable yeast and molds. The addition of key enzymes convert complex carbohydrates in the forage to sugars. Water soluble carbohydrate in the product and the sugars produced by the enzyme result in more sugars being available for the naturally occurring lactic acid producing bacteria.

Forage Management: Proper hay and silage management is needed for successful forage harvest and storage. Chopping and/or baling within the correct moisture level for the equipment and storage structure is needed. Proper packing is required to exclude as much oxygen from the forage mass as possible. In bunkers and silage piles, covering the forage and weighting down the cover is needed to prevent prolonged exposure to oxygen and the environment.

There is some loss of nutrient value from forage in the field to final feedstuff in storage. Use BULLETPROOF Preservative as a management tool to improve fermentation and the hay curing process. BULLETPROOF Forage Treatment reduces the heating caused by yeast, mold and undesirable bacteria that grow in the presence of oxygen. The growth of these organisms result in loss of nutrients and reduced digestibility of the protein and fiber fraction of the forage.

Use BULLETPROOF on: • All types of ensiled forage • High moisture grains • All types of hay up to 25% moisture • Wrapped bales

Application Rates:

Forage Type Rate lbs. / ton Silages 30% - 40% DM ½ - 1 40% - 50% DM 1½ 50% - 60% DM 2

Forage Type Rate lbs. / ton Dry Hay-Moisture Not Greater Than 25% Small squares 2 High density round 2 High density large squares 2-3 Wrapped bales/Baleage 1½

Forage Type Rate lbs. / ton High Moisture Grain Moisture Range 30% - 35% 2 Less than 30% 3 Less than 22% 4

Nutrient Analysis

Sulfur, min..........................................................8.0%

Alpha amylase activity, min..............200 SKB units/lb.

Product Options

50 pound poly-lined bag

Directions for Use

Keep bag sealed when not in use. Store bags in a cool, dry location. Keep away from acids. Flush applicator systems prior to and after use of this product. Discard empty bags in accordance to local disposal regulations.

BULLETPROOF should be applied using a dry applicator on the forage chopper or baler in the field, at the bagger or blower for up right silos. To avoid potential applicator product issues with flowability, BULLETPROOF Forage Preservative Dry should not be stored in the applicator between forage cuttings or for an extended period of time.

BULLETPROOF may be applied across the top of each load of forage coming to the storage structure. Efforts should be made to get even distribution. Bulletproof will migrate through the forage pile in a gaseous form.



Always use safe handling practices with this product. Use of safety goggles is recommended. Avoid inhalation of vapor.

In the event of contact wash eyes and skin with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if symptoms appear. If inhalation occurs move to fresh air.

DISCLAIMER Due to weather and management factors that are beyond our control, no expressed or implied warranty are made for this product.

Shelf Life: 3 years with proper storage.

Product Number

#29100—BULLETPROOF® Forage Treatment Dry Granular, 50 lbs.

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