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DR Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter 28-Ton Model

DR Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter
DR Horizontal-Vertical Log Splitter
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Product Description

Horizontal-Vertical Design

The 28-Ton Horizontal/Vertical splitter is designed for easy transition between horizontal and vertical configurations. The horizontal mode is easiest for most splitting tasks. But when you come across an extra big round, you can save yourself a lot strain by simply pulling out a pin, easily rotating the unit into its vertical position, and splitting the log on the ground...no lifting required!

An easy-starting Kohler 6.5 HP engine powers the 2 stage pump (8.8 GPM), generating 3450psi of splitting force. Logs up to 30" in diameter and up to 25" long are no problem. And the 28-Ton model's 17-second cycle time makes it one of the fastest hydraulic splitters in its class.


A 2" ball hitch with safety chains comes standard, allowing you to tow the unit at speeds up to 45 mph on its big 16" DOT-approved tires. The jackstand folds up for transport, locking into place with a simple cotter pin.

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