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Product Description

Previously known as the Gallagher Smartfix, or Fault Finder can save hours in time diagnosing shorts, low voltage, and other electric fence issues. Small enough to fit in your pocket, but feature-rich enough to do everything your run of the mill digital volt meter can and more, this fault finder measures current, voltage, direction of the fault, and more.

Multi-mode fault finding tool: Current Meter and Digital Volt Meter (DVM)

Convenient pocket size

Modern water resistant and impact resistant case

Large easy to read LCD display

Long life battery - up to 3 years

Auto ON/OFF. Activated when fence pulse is detected

Switch to change between DVM and Current Meter modes

Retractable voltage probe for reading voltage on energizers and other hard to reach areas

Micro-chip technology that enables low voltage operation

Detachable earth lead

All parts fully replaceable

Low battery indication

When used as a DVM: can be used to measure voltage on all energizer types, measures up to 15KV; use without earth lead for everyday fence voltage reading (earth lead will give more precise readings, particularly for measuring earth voltage.); retractable probe allows easy access to energizer terminals, cut-out switches and other difficult to reach areas

When used as a Current Meter: large arrows makes for easy fault finding by showing direction of fault; digital display of current (A) makes for easy detection of faults; bar graph indicating voltage while in current meter mode; cordless operation

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