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Product Description

The Gallagher B280 is very similar in power to the B300 (Gallagher's most powerful charger built to be very portable). Though the B280 could be used in a portable fencing situation the weight of the charger and work required to move it around may not be worth the money you save.

The B280 does work great in remote areas for small- to medium-sized farms, but we suggest it typically be used for more permanent fencing solutions.

Stores 2.8 Joules of energy.

Powers up to 110 acres or 22 miles of multi-wire permanent fence.

Built in battery save feature to extend the life of your battery.

Effortless to use, 5 stage rotary dial to change energizer operating functions.

Uses 12V deep cycle rechargeable battery, e.g Marine type (not included)

Ready to use with Gallagher solar panels to conveniently charge the battery.

Bar graph can be used to indicate battery capacity and output voltage

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