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Product Description

The world's most powerful Energizer. Combining the brute force power of 100 stored joules with the fence monitoring capabilities of the i Series system, the M10,000i will deliver more power to the back of the farm than any other Energizer. Suitable for fencing all types of animals. Powers up to 125 miles / 3,000 acres of multi-wire fence.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Multiwire, Typical Vegetation: ​ 3,000 acres / 125 miles 100 Stored Joules UL Approved

​​​Green indicator light flashes when energizer is working satisfactorily Red indicator light flashes when energizer has detected a fence fault. Solid red when there is a sudden increase in fence load Split bolt recessed terminals with wire guide for simple and clean wire installation Surface mount technology that delivers superior quality Features high performance adaptive output control technology automatically adjusts to suit your fence conditions while minimizing power consumption. Includes alarms to highlight when fence or earth problems occur Alarms on output, fence and earth voltage alert when voltage is under pre-set levels. Default alarm levels are: output voltage 3kV, earth voltage 500V Advanced lightning protection Self diagnostic ability allowing you to determine the fault in your system quicker RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppressed circuitry High tolerance in-built power supply enables successful 230V operation on the poorest performing rural power outlets Short circuit protection to ensure user safety and product reliability if the outputs are directly shorted together Three high voltage terminals for earth, earth reference and fence terminal connections Power supply requirements: 140 to 270 Volt AC, 20 watts Adaptive control will adjust energy levels to maintain 8.0kv output Comes with separate Energizer Controller* Accurately measure fence voltage and current, with arrow showing direction of current flow (fault location). Retrieves and displays alarm status of the energizer and connected zones Compatible with SMS Energizer Controller enabling alarms to be sent to your phone, fence performance status checked and energizer turned on/off via text message (sold separately) Energizer can be connected to an Alarm System to notify you if there is a problem on a monitored section of fence should an electric gate be opened or wire cut. Alarm is sent to controller, remote or your phone (via SMS Energizer Controller). Alarm System can drive siren and strobe lights (all sold separately).

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