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Product Description

The Gallagher M2800i is one of our top end chargers when it comes to both features and power. Outmatched in power output only by the MR5000, the M2800i can power up to 1000 acres of multi-wire fencing.

Together with the iSeries functions like SMS alerts, zone control, and remote activation/deactivation, the M2800i is the number one choice to stay on top of the latest in farm and ranch technology. (See below for more information on these different functions)

Stores 28 Joules of energy.

Suitable for property size of 1000 acres or 50 miles of multi wire fencing

Green indicator light flashes when energizer is working satisfactorily

Red indicator light flashes when energizer has detected a fence fault. Solid red when there is a sudden increase in fence load

Features high performance adaptive output control technology automatically adjusts to suit your fence conditions while minimising power consumption. Includes alarms to highlight when fence or earth problems occur

Alarms on output, fence and earth voltage alert when voltage is under pre-set levels. Default alarm levels are: output voltage 3kV, earth voltage 500V

Advanced lightning protection

Self diagnostic ability allowing you to determine the fault in your system quicker operation on the poorest performing rural power outlets

Short circuit protection to ensure user safety and product reliability if the outputs are directly shorted together

Three high voltage terminals for earth, earth reference and fence terminal connections

Power supply requirements: 140 to 270 Volt AC, 20 watts

Adaptive control will adjust energy levels to maintain 8.0kv output

Comes with separate Energizer Controller

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