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Homestead Turkey Starter

Homestead Turkey Starter
Homestead Turkey Starter
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Product Description


Hubbard® Life Homestead® Turkey Starter is a nutrient dense, carefully balanced diet for raising turkeys until 9-10 weeks of age. Homestead Turkey Starter contains no antibiotics or animal proteins.

About the Product

Homestead Poultry feeds are made with only natural grains and proteins. These grains are balanced with vitamins and minerals to encourage optimum growth and performance. Formulated without any antibiotics, animal proteins and fats, Homestead Poultry feeds are the wholesome way to provide excellent nutrition to your flock.

Formulated to Promote Health and Immunity Homestead Turkey Starter contains Opti-Remedy, a source of essential oils, which are designed to promote good bacteria and improve gut health. Homestead Turkey Starter also contains organic selenium, which provides support to the chick’s immunity and health systems

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