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JD26+ 8 Stage Ventilation Control

JD26+ 8 Stage Ventilation Control
JD26+ 8 Stage Ventilation Control
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Product Description

JD26+ 8 Stage Ventilation Control

The JD26+ ventilation control includes two independent variable stages (12 FLA) and six relay stages (12 FLA). Inputs include up to four interior temperature sensors, one exterior temp, one humidity sensor, and two potentiometer inputs. The JD26+ has fully configurable relay stages perfect for heating, cooling, duty cycles, curtains and actuators.


•Easy to use navigation buttons

•2 line by 24 character screen

•8 hot keys for quick access

•On screen help

•Indicator status lights for outputs

•Fahrenheit or Celsius display

•Adjustable motor curves

•Fully configurable relay stages (12FLA)

•Includes standard 30' temperature sensor (extendable up to 500')

Input Capabilities:

•Up to 4 inside temperature sensors

•1 outside temperature sensor

•1 humidity sensor

•2 potentiometer inputs


•2 independent variable stages (12 FLA)

•6 relay stages (12 FLA)

•1 Alarm relay


•FarmQuest Online Monitorying & Management Software

•FarmSite Management Software

•WiFarm Wireless Network

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