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Pork King PK 4

Pork King PK 4
Pork King PK 4
Item# 16459

Product Description

The Pork King PK 4 is a double sided hog waterer with a total of 4 drink areas. Well insulated for energy free or energy efficient operation. An automatic waterer option for swine of all sizes. Ideal for a single pen or to split a fence line. Water up to 160 hogs.

Rugged fully insulated construction featuring stainless steel bite guards along the drink areas for added protection. Insulated flip lids to prevent debris from entering the trough. The Pork Kings are so well insulated that they are designed for energy free or energy efficient use. The removable top cover allows for easy maintenance and access to the float and valve. Overall heat standard.

Insulated all over for heat retention
Umbrella-style lift-out cover keeps foreign material out
Fully welded casing construction
Heavy lids take the abuse of banging
Float won't collect algae or calcium
Excellent heat coverage provided with adjustable thermostat managed by the disc thermostat
Water on both sides between 1-160 hogs

Pork King Series comes complete and ready to attach to your water and electric lines.
10 year warranty

Length 31.5in/80.01cm Width 23.3in/59.18cm
Overall Height 12.5in/31.75cm
Shipping Weight 63lb/28.58kg
Drinking Height 7in/17.78cm

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