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Seed Tenders Bulk Seed Delivery System 160/240 Seed Tenders

Seed Tenders  Bulk Seed Delivery System
Seed Tenders Bulk Seed Delivery System
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Product Description

Telescoping Conveyor Option available on 330/411, 240 and 160 Seed Tenders

The most versatile seed delivery system on the market today that incorporates the most preferred method for bulk seed handling.

All of these advantages allow for the filling of a planter with one stop using the unique optional telescoping belt conveyor. Features an ACI rollover cover system so you don’t have to climb onto the tender to open and close heavy metal covers.

Standard Features •6" Tube with an 8" crescent top PVC belt.

•3-Piece 12' telescoping downspout on all units.

•180° Pivot range.

•Can easily be mounted on your truck, trailer or optional chassis.

•Individual compartment control.

•Each compartment has level view windows.

•100% cleanout (no cross contamination).

•ACI rollover cover system..

Options •12-volt liquid seed inoculator.

•12-volt electric or gas power drives available.

•Chassis with electric brakes.

•Tri-axle trailer chassis for 240 bushel capacity.

•1 hp 12-volt DC motor with controls.

•5½ hp Honda® with wireless control.

•Central Fill Kit.

•Digital scale.

•240 or 160 Bushel total capacity

•2 Compartment versatility

•8" Belt in a 6" tube

•Conveyor pivots a full 180"

Adjustable radius indexing that locks the fill tube in position during operation

100% Cleanout! No Cross Contamination as opposed to augers and cleated belts!

Availability may be limited. Please allow 7-14 days for special orders.

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