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Sukup Axial Dryers | Single Plenum

Sukup Axial Dryers | Single Plenum
Sukup Axial Dryers | Single Plenum
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Product Description

Top Features: Axial Dryers | Single Plenum
1. QuadraTouch Pro Controls w/ Smart Loop Technology
2. Static Moisture Sampling
3. In House Training On Operation

Whether you’re looking for an 8’ single plenum grain dryer capable of drying 340 bu/hr. or a 24’ diameter Tower Dryer capable of drying 7000 bu/hr., Sukup has what you need. Every Sukup Grain Dryer is packed with exclusive features that help them outperform the competition. And, of course, every Sukup Grain Dryer is backed by our years of grain drying experience and dedication to outstanding customer service.

Single Fan & Heater Dryers provide the most economical choice for full-heat drying, discharging hot grain around 130°F or more. The grain must then be cooled in a grain bin with a full floor and fan(s) providing 1/3 – ˝ cfm/bu of airflow, or 12 cfm per bu/hr. Full-heat drying combined with slow in-bin cooling, or dryeration, provides the most efficient method to dry while giving the best grain quality.

Sukup Single Fan & Heater Dryers can also be operated in batch mode. Batch drying allows you to run a heat and a cool cycle with a single fan dryer. Batch drying also allows you to dry extremely high moisture corn (30% or more) when continuous flow is not possible.

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