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Sukup Centrifugal Dryers

Sukup Centrifugal Dryers
Sukup Centrifugal Dryers
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Product Description

D&D sells, assembles, and services Sukup Centrifugal Dryers.

Top Features: Centrifugal Dryers
1. QuadraTouch Pro Controls w/ Smart Loop Technology
2. Static Moisture Sampling
3. In House Training On Operation

Sukup Centrifugal Dryers are available as full-heat only models or as pressure-heat/vacuum-cool models. The full-heat models operate the same as Single Axial Fan dryers except that centrifugal fans run more quietly. Pressure heat/vacuum-cool dryers can dry in heat/cool mode and operate nearly as efficiently as a full-heat dryer. Pressure heat/vacuum-cool dryers have a 2/3-1/3 split plenum allowing the centrifugal fan to create a vacuum in the lower plenum of the dryer and pull outside air in through the grain column. This cools the grain and heats the air, which is then fed into the intake of the fan. The warmer air coming into the fan and heater then reduces the amount of gas needed to dry within the upper plenum. This dryer can also be converted to full-heat when needed.

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