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Sukup Stacked Dryers

Sukup Stacked Dryers
Sukup Stacked Dryers
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Product Description

Sukup Stacked Dryers
D&D sells, assembles, and services Sukup Stacked Dryers.

Top Features: Stacked Dryers
1. QuadraTouch Pro Controls w/ Smart Loop Technology
2. Static Moisture Sampling
3. In House Training On Operation

In addition to the single and dual fan and heater grain dryers, Sukup also offers double and triple stack grain dryers. These units are available in 2, 3, 4, or 6 fan configurations to meet your drying needs.

Sukup Stack Grain Dryers have all of the outstanding features of our single and dual plenum dryers. In addition, they have our exclusive, patented Grain Cross-OverTM System.

Axial Fan Stacked Dryers
Axial fan stacked dryers can run in full heat or heat/pressure cool mode. You can easily switch from full heat to heat/cool mode with just a touch of a button on the QuadraTouch ProTM controls.

Centrifugal Stacked Dryers
Centrifugal stacked dryers use vaccum cooling. They can run either full heat or heat/vaccum cool. Centrifugal fans are quieter than axial fans and perform better in the higher static pressure conditions that exist with vacuum cooling.

Hybrid Stacked Dryers
Hybrid Dryers use an axial fan on the top module and a centrifugal fan on the bottom. The hybrid dryer is a more economical way to reap the benefits of the full heat/vacuum cool dryer configuration. The top module is equipped with an axial fan and always runs in full heat, so you use less horsepower to get the same airflow. The bottom module is equipped with a centrifugal fan which allows you to vacuum cool.

U.S. Patent #6,360,451.

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