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Thrifty King for Swine HG4

Thrifty King for Swine HG4
Thrifty King for Swine HG4
Item# 16260

Product Description

energy efficient operation. An automatic waterer option for swine of all sizes. Ideal for a single pen or to split a fence line. Water up to 160 hogs.

Rugged fully insulated construction featuring stainless steel bite guards along the drink areas for added protection. Insulated flip lids to prevent debris from entering the trough. The Thrifty King for Swine are so well insulated that they are designed for energy free or energy efficient use. The removable top cover allows for easy maintenance and access to the float and valve. Optional heat package available (purchased separately). NOTE: Not recommended for sows.

•Large drink opening and low drinking height for easy use by hogs of all sizes

•Solid foam insulation completely sealed in impact-resistant polyethylene

•Stainless steel bit and wear guards

•Large access to inside valve compartment

•Easy access for easy service

•Electric immersion heater optional

•Two troughs on each side

•10 year warranty

Part No.16260

Length 31.3in/79.5cm Width 31.3in/79.5cm

Overall Height 16in/40.64cm

Shipping Weight 70lb/31.75kg

Drinking Height 8in/20.32cm

Capacity 5.2gal/19.68L

Herd Capacity 160 swine

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