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The Jenkins Iron and Steel Commercial Tiller will make short work out of all of your tilling needs. Perfect for gardens, food plots, landscaping or any other application that requires tillage this implement will handle whatever you throw at it! Featuring dual Eaton Char-Lynn hydraulic motors and 4 swing away blades per spindle our tiller will turn 6 inches of virgin soil into powder in one pass. Adjustable side shoes allow you to set your depth down to 6″ for your ideal application and the ability to till forward or reverse with the blades rotating in either direction by changing your flow, make this tiller extremely versatile. This heavy-duty standard flow tiller requires 14-25 gallons of flow per minute to run it seamlessly and powerfully through roots and thick grasses without the need to do multiple passes saving time and money! Available in 5′, 6′ and 7′ models we have the tiller for you!


Dual Eaton Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motors

Bi-directional tilling

4 swing away HEAT TREATED BORON blades per spindle

Commercial grade construction

Zero maintenance direct drive

5′, 6′ and 7′ available

3″-6″ adjustable dig depth one pass to powder tilling!!!

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