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TR009 The Performer

TR009 The Performer
TR009 The Performer
Item# TR009

Product Description

The TR009 Performer produces a tremendous amount of heat for a long period of time. Boasting of 119,080 BTU’s per hour, “The Performer” has a continuous burn time of up to 12 hours on a single load of hardwood. This handsome 3/16 in. plate steel stove will accept 20 in. logs and heat approximately 2200 sq. ft. The heavy-duty cast iron feed door with an “air-washed” ceramic glass window allows the homeowner a clean and magnificent view of the burning fire. Fully firebrick-lined, “The Performer” features a cam-lock door latch that secures the feed door safely in place. Large, under-fire ash drawer allows the homeowner to quickly and easily remove ashes from the firebox. Adjustable high speed 100 CFM blower quietly directs warm air into any room for additional comfort and warmth. The best application for “The Performer” is where lots of heat is desired for a long time.


• Burns up to 12 hours on one fueling

• Accepts logs up to 20" in length

• Adjustable high speed (100 CFM) blower INCLUDED

• Sturdy pedestal base with large ash drawer for easy ash removal

• Cast iron feed door with large 17" x 9" ceramic glass window

• Heavy gauge 3/16" reinforced plate steel with firebrick lining

• Over 75% efficient


• Heats up to 2,200 square feet

• Up to 119,000 BTUs

• Product dimensions: 30.5" L (w/blower) x 26" L (w/o blower) x 26.5" W x 33" H

• Dimensions: 28" L x 30.25" W x 25" H

• Weight: 356 lbs.

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