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Premium Wood Pellets Heartland Easy Heat, Hay Creek, and Black Hills Gold

Premium Wood Pellets Heartland PurHeat, Hay Creek, Easy Heat and Black Hills Gold
D&D carries a variety of different types and brands of wood pellets for heating. We also have multiple brands and flavors of wood pellets for grilling! Our pellets are store indoors from date of arrival until picked up!!!

Brands for heating:
Black Hills Gold
Easy Heat
Hay Creek, and more!

BBQ pellet brands include:
Papa's BBQ Grilling Pellets in Barbecue, Memphis, Mesquite, Oak, Hickory, Apple, Pecan
Griller's Gold in Cherry, Fruitwood, Hickory, Competition Blend
and more!

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Please call us with any questions at 608-323-7001 (Arcadia) or 1-800-657-6955 (tri-state area only)