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Item# G41300
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Product Description

deal Uses: Switches an energizer on or off from anywhere the electric fence is powered.

Features and Benefits:

Powered by one 9v battery

Water resistant

Sophisticated communication technology switches your energizer ON or OFF from anywhere the fence is powered

Integrated earth stake for good ground connection and convenient storage

Brass stud for quick, quality contact with fence

A sturdy pouch enables the remote control to be strapped to a belt or safely stored in a vehicle glove box.

Pocket size: 177mm x 71mm x 34mm (7" x 3" x 1.5")

Red LCD indicates: fence pulse (quick flash of 0.3 of a second), signal transmitting (long flash of 0.8 second), low battery (5 rapid flashes)

Coded to the SmartPower energizer, with 4 code options

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