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4830 In-Line Ripper

4830 In-Line Ripper
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Product Description

Retain Residue, Remove Compaction

The 4830 in-line ripper provides efficient compaction removal, while allowing crop residue to remain undisturbed on the surface. Working widths ranging from 126 to 268, and a variety of shank and point options are available to meet your agronomic needs.

The KUHN Krause 4830 in-line ripper is the ideal tool to fight soil compaction, one of the leading causes of yield reduction. With working depths of 8 to 16, the 4830 provides maximum soil fracturing, while allowing crop residue to remain undisturbed on the surface. This allows for greater root development and water infiltration into the soil, and effectively reduces runoff and soil erosion. KUHN Krause 4830 in-line rippers are available in 4- to 7-shank rigid models and 6- to 9-shank flat folding models, with shank spacing choices of 30, 36, 38 or 40. The unique 180-degree, flat-fold configuration makes transport and storage more convenient. The 4830 can be equipped with spring reset shanks or rigid, shear-bolt protected shanks for soils where rock is not a concern. There are a variety of points available depending on your agronomic needs.

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