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D&D carries: Twine: 16,000, 9000, Sisal, 20,000 plastic Twine, 4000/350 plastic twine, 4000/440 Plastic Twine, Bunker Covers: 32x100, 40x100, 40x150, 40x200, 40x250, 50x100, 50x150, 50x200, 60x150, 60x200 Bale Tubes, Lastic Tubes, Ag Bags: 8x100, 8x150, 8x200, 9x100, 9x150, 9x200, 9x250, 10x150, 10x200, 10x250, 10x300 , High moisture bags and more. D&D brands include: Silo Pro, Sun film, Grand Harvest, Up North, RPC BPI Agriculture(formerly AT Films), Five Point, Vermeer, Warps, Titan, etc.

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