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Big Capacity Mill: ABC900

Big Capacity Mill: ABC900
Big Capacity Mill: ABC900
Item# ABC900

Product Description

Big capacity mills are equiped wtih 9 or 12 inch diameter rolls, up to 34 or 48 inches in length. Corrugations are available for the right particle size from coarse to fine. Complete unit includes the basic mill with fast roll, multiple belt drive, motor mount, belts, mill, and motor pulleys.


Roll Size 9" X 18"

Weight: 750 lbs

Horsepower: 10 - 15

Roll Configuration: 4 ~Dry Corn: 900 bsh/hr ~High Moisture Corn: 700 bsh/hr

Roll Configuration: 6.5 ~Dry Corn: 670 bsh/hr ~High Moisture Corn: 520 bsh/hr ~Soybeans: 540 bsh/hr ~Milo: 600 bsh/hr ~Small Grains: 450 bsh/hr

Roll Configuration: 8 ~Dry Corn: 580 bsh/hr ~High Moisture Corn: 450 bsh/hr ~Soybeans: 460 bsh/hr ~Milo: 540 bsh/hr ~Small Grains: 400 bsh/hr

Roll Configuration: 10 ~Dry Corn: 490 bsh/hr ~High Moisture Corn: 380 bsh/hr ~Soybeans: 390 bsh/hr ~Milo: 480 bsh/hr ~Small Grains: 360 bsh/hr

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