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Backsaver Auger

Backsaver Auger
Backsaver Auger
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Product Description

BACKSAVER AUGER Models 10", 13" and 16"

Models range in lengths of 50 to 114 feet accompanied by 10, 13 and 16-inch tube sizes. A patented bridge–like support system allows the auger tubing and flighting to remain stable at all times including raising and lower of the auger. The hydraulic scissor lift resurrects the auger in virtually no time at all. When the spout is in the desired location, a safety hydraulic ball valve can be adjusted to ensure the augers stays when and where you want even in unpredictable weather. The recommended horsepower for peak operation ranges from 40-175 depending on auger size.

With 10", 13" and 16" diameter tubing by up to 114' length, the operator is able to move large quantities of grain in short periods of time. Transporting the auger has never been easier with a maximum transport height of 15'.

Models 10'' & 13'' : Auger tubing sizes are available in 10" or 13" diameters and lengths ranging from 50 to 114 feet. The 43-1/2" x 60" intake hopper invites large quantities of grain to be quickly moved up the auger and into the bin.

Model: 16'': The large 16" tubing by up to 104' length allow the operator to move large quantities of grain in short periods of time. Equipped with a 3" lighting shaft, the Farm King auger handles even the dampest crops with ease.

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