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Dominator® 4856

Dominator® 4856
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Product Description

Maximum Subsoil Fracture

Residue management, soil tilth and level soil surface area are all key factors in yield potential. The Dominator meets this challenge and outperforms competitive tools. Working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6”.

The new KUHN Krause Dominator® 4856 boasts product features designed to provide optimal compaction removal and residue handling while reducing maintenance time. The double rank subsoil shanks mounted on narrow 18” spacing deliver maximum subsoil fracture. The new reverse-tandem rear disc conditioner produces consistent soil leveling and residue incorporation for pass-to-pass uniformity, while the soil conditioning reel provides final clod sizing along with seedbed soil firming. Maintenance-free features are incorporated throughout the Dominator 4856, reducing the required daily lubrication service time, placing you in the field sooner and increasing operator productivity. Working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6” and models are available with 7, 9, 11 or 13 shanks.

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