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ferti-Rain balanced nutrition for foliar application

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Product Description

Why ferti-Rain®?

ferti-Rain is a multi-nutrient formulation designed for foilar application to provide supplemental feeding as part of a complete nutrient program, or to provide corrective feeding when nutrient deficiencies are observed. Foliar nutrition is engineered to stimulate physiological plant development when foliar applied to a wide variety of crops. Proven AgroLiquid chemistry along with proprietary new technologies allows ferti-Rain superior performance when compared to other foliar applied products. Rigid in-field testing and commercial production has proven consistent economical response in row as well as vine crops.

Readily available balanced nutrition is the essential foundation to effective utilization of nutrients. Single source materials cannot provide this nutrient balance. ferti-Rain contains multiple nutrients, including primary, secondary and micronutrients.

Recommended application rates are usually between 3-5 gal/A and with a low salt index ferti-Rain can be applied throughout the growing season with minimal risk of plant tissue injury. Under certain conditions, multiple applications have produced favorable yield response although optimal timing is during period of early season growth.

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