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GA 6002

GA 6002
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Product Description

Easy to Use and Maneuver

The unique frame design of the GA 6002 provides the flexibility to combine two windrows into one, or make two separate windrows, simply by swinging the position of the rear rotor. The 6002 is ideal for mid-size operations looking to reduce the number of passes across the field.

The KUHN GA 6002 trailed rotary rake is the ideal fit for you if you are planning to increase your crop raking performance while utilizing a low or medium horsepower tractor. Its raking width is hydraulically adjustable from 116 to 19 making varying crop densities, maneuvering around obstacles or finishing a field no problem.

The side-delivery design allows you to make multiple passes and combine a large number of windrows into one. However, in very dense crop conditions or for making night windrows to reduce dew on the crop, the GA 6002 can be set to form two windrows on each pass. With the parallelogram-style drawbar tongue, hookup is easy and its high lift height clears most windrows. Long flexible tines touch the crop just once, lifting and placing it neatly into the windrow. For crops such as alfalfa, this gentle handing, in conjunction with being able to rake when the hay is still damp, is especially beneficial as it ensures the leaves will remain intact.

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