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Interceptor® 8050

Interceptor® 8050
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Product Description

Aggressive, High-Speed Tillage

Your high-speed tillage solution for controlling troublesome, chemical resistant weeds, the Interceptor® 8050 was developed to provide growers with a more aggressive high-speed tillage machine that leaves a level seedbed. Working Widths: 20’ – 30’.

The KUHN Krause Interceptor® 8050 delivers high-speed tillage to control stubborn, chemical resistant weed growth, while sizing and evenly distributing tough residue into the worked soil profile. This action not only kills weeds and limits potential movement of wind driven residue, but also contributes to residue breakdown throughout the year and builds soil organic matter. Featuring independently mounted Excalibur® CT (Conservation Tillage) blades, adjustable, center-mounted tines, and the proven Star Wheel™ treaders with 24/7® finishing attachments, the Interceptor delivers a consistent, uniform field finish.

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