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Product Description

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For gutter width: 16"& 18"

Types: Flat, 2" raise & 3" raise

Keeps cows out of gutter and their tails drier... protects legs and udders

Saves on bedding — keeps bedding out of slurry

Provides for more sanitary milking

Ideal for problem and freshening cows. 4' grates can be moved around barn to where needed

Rugged but simple construction — quality crafted by our skilled MIG welders for years of dependable, hard use

Rigid 5/8" structural-steel grate rods — round grate rods used (not angle-iron) for better manure drop-through and for longer life

Sturdy 3/4" cross rods—spaced at 16" intervals to prevent grates from bowing. Some so-called "bargain grates" have fewer cross rods

Side angles are thicker for longer life... wider to adjust to differences in your gutter width (short side angles allow liquids to drain into gutter)

Built on jigs—grate rods are consistently spaced. Permits our scraper to work smoothly and rapidly (Some so-called "bargain grates" may actually cost you more in the long run because of extra cleaning time.)

Our grate rod spacing preferred for cows. Some so-called "bargain grates" have fewer rods. This can significantly increase chance of a valuable cow catching its hoof between rods and injuring hoof and leg. Our spacing still permits most manure to pass through (straw must be chopped short to go through grates)

5/8" grate rods provide less danger of cows' hooves slipping through rods, than do 3/4" rods with identical 1-3/8" spacing between rods. 5/8" rods easier on cows' hooves than 3/4" rods, because 5/8" rods have less radius and because rod centers closer (2" vs 2-1/8")

Grates made with 1/8" to 1/4" side clearance

Unpainted steel finish

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