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LSB 870

LSB 870
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Product Description

High Performance in a Simple Package

Consistently filled, super-dense, square-edged bales are what every producer demands. The KUHN LSB 870 large square baler meets and exceeds these expectations, while combining high output and maximum reliability to get the job done fast.

High performance in a simple package this describes the KUHN LSB 870 perfectly. The LSB 870 is a simple, large square baler that produces rock-hard, well-shaped bales at a lower price point. The LSB 870 is a baler designed for the smaller dairy or beef producer, or horse hay producer. The smaller bale is easier to handle and includes a flake size that is more ideal for handfeeding livestock.

The 870 is a 2x3 baler and features a 15-knife cutting or non-cutting integral rotor that provides high-performance bale throughput in diverse crop conditions. Packed with many of the same features as the LSB D Series, the LSB 870 varies in that its high-density bales are tied together by the simple, trouble-free Twin-Step knotting system.

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