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VR2040 High-Capacity Wheel Rake

VR2040 High-Capacity Wheel Rake
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Product Description

Harness the power and innovation of the Vermeer high-capacity wheel rake in an even larger package with the VR2040 High-Capacity Wheel Rake. A 40 (12.19 m) raking width and unique wheel suspension system offer maximum efficiency and raking power. Cover more acres in less time and with minimal maintenance with the rugged VR2040 High-Capacity Wheel Rake.

Features and benefits
Dual-purpose lift and suspension cylinder on each rake wheel coupled with a nitrogen-charged accumulator for easily changing rake wheel settings and pressure.
Consistent down force on rake wheels through the entire range of motion for improved tooth life and crop pick-up with less dirt content in the windrow than a traditional spring-loaded wheel rake.
Unique rake design featuring one-piece rake arms in conjunction with hydraulic suspension on each rake wheel provides superior rake flexibility with less maintenance than similar-sized rakes that require a pivot joint and additional caster wheel in the middle of the rake arm.
Superior vertical rake arm travel and ground contour following with the ability to flex 40 (101.6 cm) down or 66 (167.6 cm) up, equating to a range of motion of over 8 (2.4 m).
Adopted from the Vermeer VR-Series carted wheel rakes, the highly popular, optional center splitter attachment provides an exclusive dual rake wheel configuration that gently sweeps and turns the crop in the center of the swath.

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