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w-Hydraulic Motor 2 Inch

w-Hydraulic Motor 2 Inch
w-Hydraulic Motor 2 Inch
Item# 200PHYSS

Product Description

•12 H.P. Motor.

•Carbon ceramic seal with stainless steel cup and spring with FKM (viton type) rubber.

•CAUTION-WARNING: Please do not run pumps dry, restrict or reduce port sizes or dead head pumps. This could cause component failure to pump.


•Dynamically balanced impeller.

•Hydraulic fluid capacity Minimum 6 Gallons / Maximum 10 Gallons.


•Minimum 500 P.S.I. / Maximum 2000 P.S.I.

•Open or closed system.


•Replaceable inlet and outlet flanges.

•Rugged construction for dependable service.

Availability may be limited. Please allow 7-14 days for special orders.

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